Mercedes Coyle


Automation, Systems Architecture, Chatops, Microservices. Hire me! I’m looking for a remote-friendly team building infrastructure and tooling for a smooth development process.



7/2016 - 2/2017
Software Engineer, Core Application Platforms

  • Wrote API integrations for Pagerduty and Slack to send metrics/alert data to those services in Elixir.
  • Implemented an Elixir API wrapper for Marathon to create/destroy/scale containers
  • Prototyped Slack chatbot in Elixir for a lab week project. Bot handled support questions for an HTTP proxy service, such as querying for a user’s api key limit and looking up on call rotation schedules in Pagerduty

Scripps Networks Interactive

8/2015 - 7/2016
Cloud Operations Engineer

  • Designed and built data collection system using AWS serverless architecture with Kinesis and Lambda to handle realtime processing of 100M+ events daily
  • Authored, refactored, and tested Chef cookbooks and recipes to automate teardown/build/installation of about 100 EC2 instances
  • Added monitoring checks for critical failure points with DataDog and AWS Lambda
  • Worked with Data team to build Hadoop and ELK systems, processing and storing around 70TB of data

Scripps Networks Interactive

2/2013 - 8/2015
Data Infrastructure Engineer

  • Built out Hadoop and ELK infrastructure and data pipelines for processing and analyzing 100M video player events daily in batch and realtime
  • Implemented dashboards and monitoring for system and data health using Statsd, DataDog, and Dashing
  • Architected and prototyped realtime analytics system for faster and more accurate business and system health metrics
  • Mentored Apprentice Engineers by pair programming, code reviews, and weekly goal and feedback sessions


Desktop Support / Corp Systems Admin

  • Scaled Open Directory Authentication system from one failing xserve to master / multiple replica scheme for better service availability
  • Upgraded CrashPlan backup server from mac hardware to an Ubuntu Server, expanded storage capacity, and optimized file exclusions and archiving for faster backups
  • Maintained Casper Software deployment system, creating new base OS images and software packages for deployment, and updating system as required

The Urban School

Technology Support Specialist

  • Provided Mac hardware, software, and AV support for over 400 students and teachers
  • Restructured and added new documentation to knowledge base
  • Managed small student team to image, inventory, and distribute new laptops to incoming students and teachers and provide after hours email support and documentation


1U Home Datacenter: Virtualized servers with SmartOS
Details in this blog post

Crabbot: Slack bot for Otakorp
queries an API for event dates and ticket registration count using Python

Lost and Found system: Web App for tracking and returning items lost during Otakon’s annual convention Flask, MongoDB, and phonetic algorithms for search functionality

Technical Talks

PyCon 2016: Build Serverless Realtime Data Pipelines with Python and AWS Lambda
OpenSourceBridge 2015: What’s in a name? Phonetic Algorithms for Search and Similarity
DevopsdaysSV 2014: Onboarding and Mentoring Apprentices with DevOps Culture


Languages and Frameworks: Python, Ruby, Elixir, Clojure, GraphQL, SQL, Flask, Sinatra, Arduino Data Stores and Processing: PostgreSQL, Storm, Redis, MongoDB, Hadoop, Hive, Oozie, ELK, ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, Rsyslog, AWS Lambda, AWS Kinesis Infrastructure tools and systems: AWS, Chef, nginx, TravisCI, Jenkins, SparkleFormation, MaxCDN, DataDog, NewRelic, Statsd, PagerDuty, Mesos/Marathon, SmartOS Methodologies: Kanban, DevOps, Continuous Delivery


B.A. Photography, San Francisco State University Completed May 2005


Otakon 1/2014-present
Department head for Information Desk and Volunteer Operations, Otakon Vegas Staff for Volunteer Operations and Lost and Found, Otakorp Software development projects to help automate tedious processes, Code of Conduct committee

GeekGirlCon 10/2016
Helped convention attendees learn about demo video games and systems Counted crowds and managed line control for workshop events