By day, I'm a Software Engineer working with data processing, storage, and analytics. By night, well, I'm still a software engineer, but I like to take my hacker skills to things like music, photography, sewing, riding and building bicycles and motorcyles. I'm also a Hackbright Academy Fall 2012 alum. I've been known to do some public speaking; check out the Slides Page for a list of recorded talks and slide decks.


Projects involving code: Github

For fun, I like to tinker with arduinos, raspberry pis, web applications, and industrial sewing machines. Maybe one of these days I'll combine them all into one big outlandish project, like a sewing machine powered vehicle. A few years ago I made a light up programmable LED dress, which taught me a lot about programming and electronics. I did a lightning talk about it at a Women Who Code meetup, and you can checkout the video here. I have grand plans to make more interactive clothing using Lilypad and arduino sensors. Also on the list is to hack my slow cooker to provide me with temperature control and recipe sourcing, all accessible from the web.

Musical projects: I'm currently working on Druss, a.k.a the Drum Dress. Druss is a wearable midi percussion interface based off a Spikenzie labs Drumkit Kit AI and a midi controllable drum brain. The inspiration for Druss is that I've always wanted to have a more tactile, movement based percussion interface, so I can escape from behind my wall of drums and be closer to the audience. Doing so will be an exercise in expanding my comfort zone as a performer, since I tend to be shy about interacting with an audience.


My main squeeze: Dot Punto. An indie latin rock band from San Francisco, in which I play drums, a small amount of backing vocals, and a smattering of odd musical instruments such as thumb piano and melodica. We play shows around the San Francisco Bay Area - check our website for upcoming events.


I don't have much current work up, but I'm hoping to change that soon. Check out some of my past work: