You can make jokes about object oriented programming, SQL commands, and Git. During our afternoon break, a number of us ventured out for coffee and post-halloween discounted candy. Those seeking coffee walked with us to Walgreens, and then ‘branched’ our trip and went to get coffee. The remainder of us roamed the aisles searching for elusive non-crappy halloween candy, and made references to each of us being functions and objects, specifically objectified women (ha ha) with functions for seeking out candy. We also referred to waiting in line to purchase said candy as threading (maybe a little inaccurately), especially when another register opened up and two of our cohort bolted to be first in line.

Ok, so maybe you had to be there to understand why we thought these comments were so funny, as I’m not doing the best job relating the jokes. But I find it important to be humorous when we’re in the thick of it, learning how to make Flask, SQLAlchemy (which is super awesome), a module full of class definitions and a database connection, and HTML and CSS templates all play nice together. One person in our group mentioned how she was feeling a bit behind, but realized she knew more than she thought she did since she got all our nerdy jokes and references. Being able to joke and poke fun at something while conveying that humor to others shows that we understand what we’re learning, and helps commit it to memory.

So now that I’m done describing jokes to you, maybe I’ll tell you a real one: A SQL query walks up to two tables and asks, “May I join you?”

Har har. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to incorporating machine learning into our project, and then wrapping it up with a bit of “Front-End Friday” CSS polish. And this weekend? I’ll probably be working on my personal project, coding all weekend. Wheeeeee!